Innovation And Digital Transformation

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  • Wareen Knight
Innovation, Leadership Framework and Culture Toolkit

The session will examine why marketing is not just for the customer, how to make staff feel part of the organizational vision and how to enable team members to take ownership. Key themes covered will include: 1. Innovate now and into the future 2. becoming a more effective agile leader and getting the right things done 3. advancing leadership abilities 4. identifying and breaking through self-perceived limits 5. cultivating mindfulness for tangible business results, even with the unknown 6. mitigating risks with business agility decision-making 7. the Future of Work Framework 8. an overview of agile leadership and its benefits in today’s business climate 9. an introduction to the Leadership Agility® development framework 10. an introduction to the most scientifically validated culture model 11. how to lead change with the competing values framework 12. a dissection of successful case studies

  • Wareen Knight
Emerging Technology.

This session focusses on developing and implementing a strategic roadmap for digital business transformation. Key themes covered will include: 1. how do we design and deliver better services to customers based on emerging technologies to survive and thrive? 2. exploring how disruption happens and how to mitigate it 3. digital business and emerging technologies: AI, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Fintech, Industry 4.0 4. people, process and the technology framework 5. design a digital use-case that can be applied to the now and the future 6. a dissection of successful case studies

  • Wareen Knight
Digital Customer User Journey

The session will examine how organizational performance can be enhanced by maximizing the use of digital and social technology when engaging with customers. Key themes covered will include: 1. increase DigitalIQ to better understand your customer 2. using agile leadership strategy to boost competitive advantage 3. using digital to build customer engagement 4. the new rules of sales, marketing and PR and social customer service 5. measuring digital performance and organizational impact 6. content marketing and real-time engagement as the new digital marketing 7. the growing importance of big data and predictive analytics 8. tools for tracking consumer behavior 9. harnessing social media digital technology to create competitive advantage

  • Wareen Knight
Applied Digital Innovation (how it happens – design and next steps)

This session covers some of the key skills needed to understand how-to strategically digitally transform an organization. Executives will leave with a strategic framework ready to test in their own organization and its marketplace. Key themes covered will include: 1. how to profit from new elements of digital strategy - platforms, ecosystems, and digital business models 2. design a three-year digital transformation roadmap 3. apply a digital use case: Define one area and drill down on the detail 4. learn how to design new revenue streams 5. apply design thinking to every step of innovation 6. What next? Your go-to-market strategy 1. Reflect / adjust / build a case 2. Discuss the options 3. Design and build a timeline

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